Motion pictures and our national heritage


By Professor Dr. Saadat Saeed Urdu Department

Ankara university Turkey


Today cinematography evolving conceptions, propagation or insemination of ideas and selling something or anything has become a powerful art to nonplus viewers. Numerous video channels are over powering people to watch only those programmes which are prepared to achieve certain ambitions by their producers. It goes without saying that we are breathing in a tantalizing atmosphere caused by glamour stricken pictures, dramas, cultural and publicity programmes. Our producers, directors, script writers, playwrights, poets and media-haunted intellectuals work according to the demands of popular business morality.

In current motion pictures the patterns such as unnatural romantic love, fabricated stories, baseless songs, mechanical dances, illogical events, too much elaborated sets, thrilling performances and haphazard messages seem to be the routine of the day.

An unemotional viewer concludes that we have a long way to go before probing the rationale of such mediocre films. Unluckily the prime threats of provocative approach could not be challenged even after the creation of an ideological state. This situation is yet to be answered that what kind of forces are working against our national objectives. As we know purposeful nations always adopt the path of positive considerations. “People who forget their history”, a contemporary poet voices, "their geography neglects them, too”. And Iqbal, our great poet correctly points out, "the nations which leave their ego or spirits, suffer certain types of psychological disorders.

The work being done by the institutions, which are responsible for preserving our national heritage, is not up to the mark. Neither, they have negotiated with European and Indian authorities to bring back home the great books of our fore fathers written in various languages nor they had put any noteworthy effort to preserve our heritage related to fine arts. We are great lover of "Ad-hoc-ism". Many of our plan-makers and administrators do not frame any objectives for future. Prospering nations keep an eye on their past, present and future. Take example of those countries which were liberated after or with the creation of Pakistan, the workers of their archives not only preserved their cultural, literary and political assets adequately but also attained the goals of providing their citizens the copies in required numbers. Their TV producers, film directors, script-writers, playwrights, poets, research scholars and intellectuals have sufficient material to recreate their history and protect their geography.

No doubt, a number of our producers have made films close to our culture, history, defense, politics and sociological outlook but unluckily the pseudo requirements of film-media and unethical research matter about the chosen subjects made those films unnatural, mechanical and fabricated.

Before making a natural and justifiable film on a national and historical subject, it is utmost necessary for the concerned groups to engage research scholars and intellectuals, for only they can discover our past, which is buried under the dust of history. Using this method, good films related to the field of history, geography, politics, economics, philosophy, literature and fine arts, could be made.

A few years back in India, a film was made about the life and achievements of Gandhi. It contained purely Indian point of view which was of course not acceptable to us. The director and story-writer were prejudiced. They proved Gandhi and Hindu culture a great comparison to other leaders and other cultures.

Among our media people, nobody was in a position to nullify the poisonous ideas incorporated in the said film. The reason was obvious we were not serious about our national problems. Who will call them to account for, their slumber. Time is still ripe for us to think that how can we enter in 21st century as a solid nation? If we want to progress in the field of culture then instead of beating about the bush, we should work hard. The scientific preservation of our precious assets related to painting, music, architecture, literature, politics, economics and several other fields can elevate the consciousness of our new generation. This act can provide real logic of keeping in mind the missions set for us by our great national leaders.

No matter if today cinematography is used for entertainment. Besides it evolving of national concepts, propagation of real greatness of our historical achievements, insemination of cultural, political, educational, lawful and moral ideas and merchandising reason based on realism has become great need of time. I believe this powerful art can make our alienated people real native.