About Dr. Saadat Saeed - By Junaid Hassan


Professor Dr Saadat Saeed scholar Urdu and Pakistan studies chair Ankara University Turkey is a prominent educationist.  He was  born at Lahore in 1949. His father Dr A. D Nasim is known for his outstanding performance in the various fields of Urdu language and literature. Dr Saadat Saeed, through his remarkable literary pursuits has fully honored this family tradition.

He is famous for his literary theorization and poetic genius in the realm of Urdu poetry and literature. From the beginning of his literary career to this day he has written more than three hundred  theoretical and critical articles and more than five hundreds thought provoking poems. As the editor (1967) and assistant editor (1964) of The Sahiwal, the college magazine, his performance was outstanding. Majced Amjad, the great name of modern Urdu poetry helped him to polish his philosophical and artistic taste. Dr Saadat Saeed was awarded academic and literary role of honor during his stay at Sahiwal college. In 1967 he got educational scholarship for two years from Punjab University and west Pakistan Education Department Lahore.
During his stay at University Oriental College for his M.A Urdu degree Saadat Saeed entered in the era of modem literary research by writing a valuable thesis dealing the subject of the Modernistic movement in Urdu poetry. In 1969 he secured first position in Punjab in M.A Urdu examination and won two gold medals and few other awards. In 1988 he was awarded PhDs degree for his super research on the subject of Urdu Qasida.

Saadat Saeed was selected lecturer in 1972, associate professor in 1993  and professor in 1998 by Punjab Public Service Commission Lahore. He served various colleges of Punjab including Govt. College. Lahore  for 29 years. He was In charge of the Ravi the literary journal of international repute. Sondhi Translation Society of Govt. College Lahore  published two books entitled Re Creation under his vigilance.

He was appointed member Board Of Governors Pakistan Academy of letters for three years (1998 to 2001).
Dr Saadat Saeed has already achieved many goals in the fields of education, national and international literature, fine arts, philosophy, psychology, linguistics. culture and Journalism. In this connection he has also won  few national and international awards.

Critics consider Saadat Saeed's poetic collection Kajli Bun (Dark Jungle) an important book of modem Urdu poetry. His book of criticism 'Jayhat Numai' encompasses modem trends of Urdu fiction. It has opened a new era of discussions for few writers and post graduate students. Eight published books by Saadat Saeed fulfill many necessities of modern knowledge concerning Urdu literature. He has published translations of the works of many poets and writers from Iran, Turkey, Denmark Latin America, Nepal and Siri Lanka. He has written more than twenty introductions of contemporary literary books.

Dr Saadat Saeed was elected several times secretary and member of executive council of Halqa Arbab -e-Zauq Pakistan, the splendid literary organization of South Asia. He has edited many literary pages and magazines from Pakistan and abroad. As in-charge of Art and Literature page of the News international he has published his more than hundred English articles containing dimensional subjects.
From 1970 to this day Dr Saadat Saeed has presented many research papers and poems in various seminars, philosophical Congresses and poetry festivals of national and international levels. He visited India, Iran. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Sharja, Dubai, Qatar. United Kingdom, Denmark and Norway for the cultural promotion of Urdu literature and Poetry. A number of national and international organizations arranged meetings for listening his talks and poems. Pakistan Television, B.B.C, AIL India Radio, Dor Darshan. Radio Denmark, Radio Qatar etc have broadcasted his interviews and discussions.
Several contemporary critics have appreciated fully the new thought provoking dimensions and artistic attitude involved in the philosophical, and creative works by Dr Saadat Saeed. His outstanding services for the promotion of modem knowledge and literature are appreciable fully.