Khush Kalamian: A book of humor poetry - By Professor Dr. Saadat Saeed


By Professor Dr. Saadat Saeed

Inam-ul-Haq Javed a well-known poet and scholar of Urdu and Punjabi languages has recently brought out his new poetic collection namely Khush Kalamian containing short and long poems based on witticism, funniness, versified jokes, mockeries, parodies, satire and humor.

Inamul Haq Javed has won Writers Guild prize on his book of Punjabi criticism "Parkhan" Khushhal Khan Khattak Award on another book evaluating Punjabi Drama, and Waris Shah Award on his book including history, research and criticism of Punjabi literature titled Punjabi Adab Ka Irtiqa. His book of research namely Pakistan in Punjabi literature and an Urdu poetic collection "Satveen Samt" also enjoy great repute. Last year the Asias Arts Council, Oslo, (Norway ) presented Inam-ul- Haq 'Javed the international award for satire and humour on the first edition of his book Khush Kalamian.

The poet seems popular even among many writers enjoying good repute in the field of humour such as Shafiq-ur-Rehman, Mushtaq Ahmad Yousafi, Ather Shah Khan Jaidi, Dildar Pervez Bhatti, Syed Zamir Jaffery, Anwer Masaud, and Sarfraz Shahid as they all praise his poetry sincerely. Another commentator and an entertaining writer played a tactful part in this drama of "Mun Tura Haji Begoem To Mira Haji Bego." This commentator and so-called humour writer is also known as "Darbari Muskhara" among the intellectuals owning sound conscience. He was planted in the period of one martial law dictator and flourished with" Hala Sheri" (patronage) of another denounced dictator to abuse the people's movement against their despotic regimes. By his credentials one can guess the situations in which he was assigned special duties by few private groups associated with various suspicious corners to pulverize the worth of the characters working for the repatriation of democracy after the great blunder of hanging the great man of Asia in Pakistan.

Inam-ul-Haq Javed could easily avoid and discard the absurd and shallow commentary on his book by his "fast friend" in which he has used his I in such away as if he is trying to convey messages through any unearthly messenger.

In Khush Kalamian the writer himself has expressed an intelligible conviction about his creative motives. He says

" Satire, to me is like a cock sitting on the wall of literature on one side of whom lies the verandah of seriousness and on the other the field of humour. If this cock jumps to his right side he takes the form of serious poetry and if he leaps to left he becomes the part of the poultry farm of humorous poetry There is another story that sometimes this cock sitting on the wall feels drowsiness and jumps neither way. In this situation the flourishing of the poetry of "Shaver and Broiler breed" is inevitable. A poet, in our society works wonders to criticise social evils as it is a known fact that Mirza Ghalib, Iqbal and moreover all the Urdu poets in modern age have criticised not only clerics, priests and authorities but also pretenders, frauds and hypocrites. In comparison to them the poet who writes humour uses the technique of satire to expose these individuals and values."

Khush Kalamian contains many good poems and Ghazals. The poet frequently takes help from the English language to create humor. In this connection his poems Automatic, Family Planning, Clinic, Single Dish, Class Fellow, Mission School, Think Call, Property, Post Office, Cent Per Cent, Don't Kiss, Kitchen Roast, Double Dealing, Radio TV, Mixture, Uncle Sam, and Antique are excellent.