Magazine for poetry, fiction and memoirs - By Professor Dr. Saadat Saeed


Literary journals have played a great role in establishing modern thought now prevalent in the world of current literature. Through them Editors and literary theoreticians depict and launch their latest views and concepts. Readers become acquainted with new poetic experiments and up-to-date perceptual universe. The journals especially engaged to project the explanations and formulations of a new literary group and movement always inspire readership. They exceptionally wait for them. These journals encompass new happenings in the realm of literature and objectives of contemporary literati. They contain new relevant short stories, poems, memoirs, and criticism and highlight latest possibilities of written words.

Salamander is a latest magazine published by Jennifer Barber from Brookline (America). It has a sound editorial board. Jennifer Barber (Editor), Susan Monsky, Don Share (contributing Editor) and Peter Brown (fiction Editor) all have make this journal a valuable asset. It incorporates original poetry, fiction and memoirs. Its back title contain John Keats poem Salamander. Poems by Susan Sindall, Karen Propp, Andrew Hudgins, George Franklin, Anna Snodgrass, Sharon Dolin, Michael Collins, Rachel Weintraub, Ellin Kaufman, Dove Schott, Susan Rich, Reetika Vazirani and Teresa Iverson, Fiction by Heather J Reid, Poetry in translation by Eugenio de Andrade (Portugal), Luciano Erba, Mikhail Aizenberg (Moscow), Najum Hussain Syed(Pakistan), Irfan Malik (Sweden), and Yolanda Bedregal(Bolivia) , and memoirs of Vietnam by Nguyen Qui Duc (Vietnam) , have given it international colour. Black and white Paintings by Karen Moss and Robin Dash published in this journal are decorative and though provoking.

Look at a poem written by Eugenio de Andrade translated by Alexis Levitin

Neither the cicadas, nor the hot

flanks of the wheat fields

nor the thoughtful colours of lilies

nor even the savage

light of the south has a home

any longer in your heart;

like a wounded hawk,

the ear never stops bleeding;

it bleeds love, black and lunatic,

an inundating love of the world,

unwary, unaware abused.


Salamander's link with fine arts and modern imagination seems to be very sound. Paintings published in it depict latest trends. It seems it is open for all the writers writing original articles even about music, architecture, sculpture, dance, graphic and designing. When we flip through its pages we note that though there has published no article about these arts yet the stander of its writings makes it highly artistic and stylish. Poets published in it seem fully dominant in use of words. Their expressions are creative and tasteful. They have used the media of free verse and prose poem for the delineation of their subjective voices and colours. As we know that in free verse and prose poem poets can present their poetic experiences blended with new types of rhythm and music these poets too have used skilfully the low and loud tempo of their expressions, heights and depths of their imagination, and outstretched impressions of their consciousness. We trace in the prose published in Salamander the story of modern city life. Prose writers such as Heather J Reid, and Nguyen Qui Duc look seasoned and well read. Their prose is compact and comprehensive. They have combined expression and the requirements of thought with great ability.