Prof. Dr. Saadat Saeed

Urdu Department, GC University, Lahore
House No. 86, Lane 04, CMA Colony, Abid Majeed Road, Lahore Cantt.

Res. Phone: 042-36680386

Cell No.: 0333-4667134



Birth: 15 March, Lahore

Son of. Professor Dr. A. D. Nasim

 Current Position:
Senior Professor(BS-21)/         Urdu Department, G.C. University, Lahore.
More than 40 years of teaching at Post Graduate, M. Phil and Ph.D. level in Pakistan and abroad.

Academic Performance:

1) March 13, 2009 to 23 Nov. 2010. Worked as Chairperson,  Urdu Department, G.C. University, Lahore. 
2) June 2006-Uptill 12 March, 2009 Worked as  Professor on Tenure Track, G.C. University, Lahore.
3) 2005-09  Senior Professor (BS20-21), G.C. University, Lahore. Teaching Ph. D., M. Phil. and   B.S (Honours) classes.
4) 1999-2004 (Worked as Professor for Five Years in a Foreign University) - Chairman Urdu & Pakistan Studies chair, Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey.
5) May 1999-December1999 Chairman, Department of Urdu, Govt. Post Graduate College, Asghar Mall, Rawalpindi.
6) 1995 - 1999 Associate Professor, (BS-19), Government College, Lahore. Taught at Post Graduate level
7) 1986 - 1995 Assistant Professor (BS-18), Government College, Lahore. Taught at Post Graduate Level.
8) 1973 - 1986 Lecturer (BS-17), Government Islamia College, Railway Road, Lahore.
9) 1970 - 1973 Lecturer (BS-17), Government Islamia College, Faisalabad.
Other Than Teaching  
1) 1998 - 2001 Member,  Board of  Governors in Pakistan Academy of Letters, Islamabad.
2) 1982 - 1988 Research Scholar, Department of Urdu, Oriental College, University of the Punjab, Lahore.
3) 1983 - 1986 Examiner, Paper of Poetry of M.A Urdu, Department of Urdu, Oriental College, University of the Punjab, Lahore.
4) Worked as Member Advanced Studies Board, GC University Lahore.
  Academic Council, GC University Lahore.
  Foreign scholarship committee GCU Lahore.
Research grant Committee GCU Lahore.
  Research Journals Committee GCU Lahore.
  Board of Studies Department of Urdu GCU Lahore.
  Board of Studies Department of Urdu Punjab University Lahore.
  Board of Studies for Languages GCU Lahore.
  Manager “The Ravi” GCU Lahore.
  Editor “Tahqiq Nama” (HEC recognized Journal) GCU Lahore.
Research Supervision:  
  1- Ph. D. (Urdu):
    3 Ph. D. awarded in G.C University, Lahore.
    4 Ph. D theses have been submitted for degrees.
    4 Ph. D. theses are completed and will be submitted in this year for degree.
    3 Ph. D. candidates are about to complete their theses approved by HEC.
    5 Ph. D. candidates (HEC scholarship holders) are working under my supervision.
  2- Ph. D. (Turkey):
    1 Ph. D. awarded in Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey.(Co-Supervisor (course work )
  3- M. Phil. (Urdu):
    More than 30 theses of M. Phil. Urdu supervised in G.C University, Lahore
  4- M. A. (Urdu):
    few theses supervised for M. A. Urdu.
  1- Urdu:
    (Read / Speak / Write) Basic language for my creative and academic works.
  2- English:
    (Read / Speak / Write) Wrote more than hundred and thirty articles and translated several articles into Urdu.
  3- Persian:
    (Read / Speak / Write) Translated some poets and prose writers into Urdu.
  4- Punjabi:
    (Read / Speak / Write) Wrote few articles and poems.
  5- Turkish:
    (Read / Speak / Write, Passed certificate and special course) Wrote few articles and poems translated some poets and prepared Turkish and Urdu language learners for Turkish students.
  6- Arabic:
    Can Read and understand.

1-Ab Kia Kia Jana Chahiay (Translation of Pas Chah Baayad Kard – A Persian        poem by lqbal), lqbal- Shariati Foundation Lahore, 1987-88.


2-Ibn-e-Arabi Ka Nazria-e-Wahdat ul Wajood (Edited) Published by lqbal - Shariati Foundation Lahore, 1987-88.


3-Tahzib, Jadidiat Aur Hum (Translation), Iqbal Shariati Foundation Lahore, 1987-88.


4- Kajli Bun (Poetry), Sang-e-Meel Publications Lahore, 1988.


5-Jayhat Numayee (Criticism/Studies in Contemporary Fiction), Published by Dastavez Matboaat Lahore, 1995.


6-Fun Aur Khaliq (Criticism/Studies in contemporary Poetry), Dastavez Matboaat Lahore, 1998.


7-lqbal: Aik Saqafti Tnazur (Criticism/Iqbaliat), Dastavez Matboaat, Lahore, 1998.


8- Adab Aur Nafi-e-Adab(Criticism), Dastavez Matboaat Lahore, 1998. (Theoretical Articles in the context of problems of literature in the contemporary world.)


9- lqbal and The Sahiwal (Edited), Published by lqbal Academy Lahore.


10-Funoon Ashob (Poetry), Iblagh Publishers, Urdu Bazar Lahore, 2002.


11-Bansry Chup Hey (Poetry), Dastavez Matboaat Lahore, 2002.

  12-Shanakht (Prose Poetry), Maktaba Nasim Lahore, 2007.
13-Chand waqt Translation from Turkish Pub. Pak Turk cultural - A Set of 5 Books on Shams-ul-Ulama Molana Muhammad Hussain Azad:
  14-Ravi: Azad Number (Selection), Department of Urdu, G.C. University, Lahore, 2010.
  15-Shaoor-e-Khud Raftagi (Edited), Department of Urdu, G.C. University, Lahore, 2010.
  16-Naqd-e-Azad (Edited), Department of Urdu, G.C. University, Lahore, 2010.

17-Isharia Makhtootat-e-Aalam-e-Warftagi (Introduction), Department of Urdu, G.C. University, Lahore, 2010.

  18-Tanaza Darbar-e-Akbari (Introduction), Department of Urdu, G.C. University, Lahore, 2010. - A Set of 6 Books on Noon Meem Rashid:

19-Rashid aur Saqafati Mughaerat, Department of Urdu, G.C. University, Lahore, 2010.


20-Biaz e Rashid Ka Mazhariati Mutalaah, Department of Urdu, G.C. University,  Lahore, 2010. 

  21-Naqd e Rashid (Edited), Department of Urdu, G.C. University, Lahore, 2010.
  22-Rashid Baqalm e Khud, (Co author)Department of Urdu G.C. University, Lahore
  23-Intikhab e Nazm e Rashid(Edited), Department of Urdu, G.C. University, Lahore,
  24-Rashid Ravi Main, (Co author), Department of Urdu, G.C. University, Lahore, 2010.
Other Literary and Research Aspects in My Practice: I have tried to understand and critically evaluated in some of my Urdu and English articles:
1-                  Structuralism                      
2-                  Feminism   
3-                  Postcolonial Psyche
4-                  Historicism
5-                  Psychoanalysis
6-                  Existentialism         
7-                  Logical Positivism
8-                  Marxism
9-                  Modernism
10-              Post Modernism
11-              Deconstruction
12-              Linguistic Philosophies

My Literary, Creative and Research work (a bird’s eye view):


1- In the perspective of Fiction (Traditional, Modern):

Wrote a book Jayhat Numaee (thoroughly discussed more than fifteen Contemporary and traditional novelists and short story writers) and a dozen other English and Urdu articles having analysis of contemporary and traditional playwrights, novelists and short story writers. (See attached list)

2- About Modern and Classical Urdu Poetry and Prose: 

Wrote more than hundred and fifty articles. (See attached list)
3- Theoretical Articles: A book Adab and Nafi e Adab and more than twenty Urdu and English articles. (See attached list)
4- On Classical and modern Poets: Wrote more than hundred and fifty articles collected in my unpublished studies. (See attached list)
5- Translation Work: Translated and published poems by more than eighty poets from East and West. I have translated into Urdu several Persian articles by Dr. Ali Shariati, a book (long Persian poem) by Dr. Muhammad Iqbal and a Turkish poetic collection by a feminist from Turkey.
6-Articles published in HEC recognized national and international Journals :
More than thirty five articles (according to the lists recognized up to 2005 and 2008. (See attached list)
  1.Academic Roll of Honour and Scholarship by G.C Montgomery and University of the Punjab, Lahore in 1967.
2.Punjab University Gold Medal by University of the Punjab, Lahore in 1969.
3.Maghrabi Pakistan Urdu Academy Award in 1970.
4.Baba-e-Urdu Gold Medal by Anjuman-e-Taraq i Urdu, Karachi, 1970
5.Poet of the Year Award by Asian Arts Council, Copenhagen-Denmark in 1993.
6.Poet of the Year Award by Asian Arts Council, Copenhagen-Denmark in 1995.
7.Mir Khalil-ur-Rehman Memorial Society Award in 1995.
8.South Asian British Cultural Association U.K Award in 1994-95.
9.N. M. Rashid Award by European Urdu Writers, London in 2000.
10.Faiz Amn Award by Anjuman Taraq i Pasand Musanfeen Pakistan in 2010.


1.Rendered five years pedagogical and research services at the International level (as chairman Urdu and Pakistan Studies Chair Ankara University Turkey) for Post-Graduate and Ph.D. students.

2.After contesting 22 senior and junior Ph.D. teachers I was selected by the grace of God against the only post of Professor of Urdu in BS 20, advertised by the Punjab Public Service Commission during last six decades.

3.HEC approved supervisor (solo in Urdu department GCU) for Ph.D. in Urdu Language and Literature.

4.Member of the Subject Committee for the National Testing Service (NTS) from G C University Lahore.

5.Former member (representative from Punjab) )of the Board of Governors of Pakistan Academy of letters Islamabad.

6.Presented research papers in more than 20 International Urdu Conferences held in United Kingdom, Canada, Turkey, America, India, Abu Dahabi, Qatar and Germany etc. from 1985 to 2004.

7.Appointed as Professor Tenure Track in GCU Lahore 2006

8.Selected as Professo Bs 21 in (2006).

9.Minister (ND) Pakistan Embassy Ankara (Turkey) 1999-2004

10.After a strong competition among the scholars called for interviews from all over the country, Federal Ministry of Education selected me in the three panels finalized for the approval of PM against Pakistan chairs in Turkey, Iran and Morocco (1999).

11.Selected in the panel sent to the chancellor for the appointment of Dean of languages and Islamic Learning / Dean of Arts. 2007.
12.Read more than twenty articles in the national and international conferences and seminars held in Pakistan

13.Served Halqa e Arbab e Zauq Lahore and Pakistan more than five years as Secretary and the member of central body. Arranged special meetings on various national and international subjects and personalities during this period (for details see books Halqa e Arbab e Zauq by Dr. Younis Javed and Halqa e Arbab e Zauq Layalpur by Professor Ashfaq Bukhari. Furthermore literary pages of several national and local news papers such as Jang (Lahore, Karachi), Imroze, Mashraq, Musawat, Maghrabi Pakistan and Nawa e waqt etc could be seen in this connection.

14.Participated and arranged several P. T. V programmes as anchor person and a participant.
Arranged many interviews and literary programmes for Radio Pakistan Lahore. Managed as compare,“Sadaf” a famous literary programme of Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Lahore for a year.
Recorded few interviews for central Production Unit Radio Pakistan.

15.Interviewed several national and international literary and creative figures for four years for the literary page of daily Jang Lahore.

16.Arranged several discussions on cotemporary literary topics for the literary page of daily Jang Lahore.

17.Contributed more than 50 articles for the literary page Daily Jang Lahore from 1984 to 1989.

18.Contributed more than 100 articles for the Art and Literature page Daily The News Lahore from Nov. 1992 to April 1993.

19.Contributed more than 25 articles for the Art and Literature page of Daily Jahan Numa Lahore from March 1996 to June 1996.

20.Published lot of literary and philosophical translation works in various magazines of Pakistan since 1967.

21.Published more than two hundred articles and poems in the first rate national and international literary magazines such as Funoon, Auraq, Swera, Adbi Duniya, Adb-e -Latif,(Lahore) Nairang-i Khiyal (Islamabad), Tehrirain, Takhlique, Nusrat (Lahore), Dastavez,(Rawapindi) Shab Khoon (Allahabad, India) Sab Rus (India), Sher-o-Hikmat (India), Nai Naslain (Karachi), Izhar (Karachi), Adbiat, Ravi, Seep Karachi, Shehrzad (London), Turkash (Calcatta), Bazghasht (Norway), Muaasir (Lahore), Shair (Bombay) etc.

22.Participated in various international Mushairas held under the auspices of several literary organizations of India, Iran, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Turkey, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Norway. Canada. America.

23.Translated more than 150 poems and articles from Turkish, Persian and English.

24.Won few literary awards including Baba-e-Urdu Gold Medal from Anjuman-e-Taraqe-e-Urdu Karachi, Maghrabi Pakistan Urdu Academy Award, N.M. Rashid Award at Millennium Conference London UK.
25.Editor In charge The Ravi internationally recognised journal from GCU (1995-99, 2005 to date)

26.Advisor, Sondhi Translation Society (1994-96)
Takhleeq-eMukarar was brought out after a gap of 30 years during this tenure.

27. Participated in several Radio and TV literary programs during last 40 years.

28.I was Interviewed By Mehmood Hashmi ( for All India Radio) Raza Ali Abidi (for BBC London), Ashfaq Hussain ( for Asian TV network Toronto Canada), Kanwar Mohinder Singh Bedi (for Door Darshan Delhi), Nasar Malik (for Urdu Service Danish Radio) Iftikhar Qaisar (Daily Jang London), Faizan Arif (Daily Jang London), Hassan Rizvi (Jang Lahore), Khalid Suhail (For Family of Heart Website Toronto Canada) and by the compare of Urdu service Radio Qatar etc.


1-Assistant Editor Sahiwal (College Magazine) 1964 - 1965
2-Editor Sahiwal (College Magazine) 1966 - 1967
3-Co - Editor Talash (literary Magazine) Lahore 1983.
4-Editor and translator Vision quarterly Lahore from 1989 to 1993
5-Editor International Literature Number Bazghasht (Norway)1993.
6-Editor Incharge Re Creation a book published by Sondhi Translation Society G.C Lahore
7-Editor Art and Literature Page Daily The News. Lahore 1993-1995
8-Editor Literary Page Jehan Numa Lahore. 1996.
9-Editor Incharge Ravi (literary Magazine) G.C Lahore. Since 1995-1999
10-Editor Incharge Ravi (literary Magazine) G.C Lahore. Since 2006
Participation in international Seminars and Symposiums:  
1985 - India (Pakistani Urdu Ghazal) Urdu Academy Seminar Delhi
1985 -  India (The associations of fire in the Ghalib's poetry Aiwan -i-Ghalib Seminar Delhi.
1988 - Abu Dhabi (Ahmad Nadim Qasmi's Art of Short Story Writing) Halqa e Adab Abu Dhabi Seminar
1990 - U.K (Iqbal and Third world) Faiz Academy Seminar London.
1990 - U.K (Majeed Amjad's Poetry) Halqa e Arbab-e- Zauq and Urdu Markaz Seminar London 1990.
1995 - Norway (Urdu literature) Department of foreign literature Main Library Oslo Norway.
2000- Pakistan Day seminar ( Pakistan Movement) Heidelberg Germany
2000- U.K (Possibilities of Urdu in 21st century) SOAS hall London University
2001- Turkey (Mehmet Akif and Muhammad Iqbal) Tobb konferans Salonu Bakanliklar Ankara
2002- Contributed more than 10 articles on internet for various literary groups of Urdu world.
2002- Shop of Piety: Seminar Celal Bayar University Manisa
2004- Read an article: Urdu in Turkey in the symposium Urdu festival Birmingham UK.
2004- The scope of Urdu Marsia in a seminar about Urdu Marsia. Canadian Urdu writers Forum Toronto
2004- Read an article in Mian Muhammad Bakhsh  Rumi e Khashmir Seminar held under the auspices of Karavan e Adab UK
2004- Participated in four international Urdu poetry festivals Manchester, Birmingham, Oldham, Liverpool.
2004- Kaun Abus badnam Hua International seminar on a book Bazm e Anjum Toronto Canada
2004- Read an article about Maulana Rumi`s concept of mysticism in an international Seminar at Selcuk University Konya Turkey

Contributions to National Seminars and Conferences:

  1)Represented as a critic from Lahore in the Language and Literature Seminar arranged by the National Council of Arts in January 1975.

2)Participated as a critic in many special days seminars arranged by Halqa e Arbab-e - Zauq Lahore and Pakistan During the period of 1967 to 1996.

3)Read an article under the title of "Literature and Philosophy" in a meeting under the auspices of Philosophical Congress held in Khanaspur in 1983

4)Delivered Public Lecture on the subject of Dialectical logic and the logic of Logical Positivism" in a meeting held under the auspices of Philosophical Congress in Quetta 1986.

5)Delivered a Lecture on the subject of N. M. Rashid's Poetry in the annual meeting seminar of Halqa e Arbab -e- Zauq Lahore in 1989.

6)Delivered four Lectures on the subject of Iqbal and Shariati's philosophical view points in various seminars held under the auspices of Iqbal- Shariati Foundation Pakistan and Khana i Farhang i Iran Lahore 1990, 1991, 1993.

7)Delivered a lecture on modern language Philosophies in connection with Leaf Lectures arranged by Lahore Arts Forum.

8)Contributed many literary articles in the meetings of Pakistan Council of National Integration during 1967 to 1971.

9)Contributed many articles in the meetings of Pakistan Centre Lahore. Bahawalpur. Gujranwala, Rawalpindi during the period of 1971 to 1995

10)Participated in more than hundred Literary and cultural programs of Broadcasting Corporation and Television Corporation of Pakistan since 1967.

11)Regular contributions of literary articles in the weekly meetings of Halqa-e-Arbab-e Zauq Lahore, Lyallpur and in various other cities since 1967.
12)Delivered a talk about teaching Urdu in foreign University (International Urdu Conference Islamabad ) 2005
13)Progressive Criticism: Sajjad Zaheer International Conference 2005     
14) Rumi a Humanist: Rumi Forum Pakistan 2006
15)Adab, Culture aur Roshan Khiali: International Seminar GC University 2006
16)Adabi Tarikh Navisi..:  Seminar Sarghoda University 2007.
17)Zaban, Culture aur Maqamiat:  International Seminar GC University 2007.
18)Muslim Nafsiat Ehd e Hazir Main: Seminar Muslim Psychology Forum 2007.
19)Paradigm of post colonial psyche: Progressive Writers Association  2007.
20)Nasri Nazm Neay Zaviay : Nasri Nazm seiminar Pakistan Academy of Letters Islamabad 2008.
21)Qurratulain Hyder:  (Special meeting) Progressive Writers Association  2007.
22)Majeed Amjad : (Special meeting) Adabai Bhethiq Alhamra Lahore 2008.
23)Mubarik Ahmad kay Baray Main: (Special meeting) Halq e Arbab e Zauq 2008.
24)Feminism and criticism: Class Lecture LUMS Lahore  2008.
25)Read an article about a short story collection by Ghulam Farid Kattia (Minister of State for  Education) at Baldia Hall Sahiwal 2009.
26)Contemporary Urdu Fiction, Aalmi Afsana Seminar, Alhamra Lahore. 2009.
27)Suhail my Friend  (Special meeting) Progressive Writers Association  2009.
28)Suhail Ahmad ki Yad main, (Special meeting) Adabai Bhethiq Alhamra Lahore 2009.
29)Mehshar e Khial, Azad Seminar, GCU Lahore, 2010.       
30)Faiz Ki ahmiat, Faiz Amn Mela seminar, Open air theatre Lahore, 2010.
31)Rashid aur nae shaeri, Rashid seminar, University oriental College , Lahore, 2010.  
32)Maani ki Pakiza Subhain, Rashid Seminar, GCU, Lahore,2010.
33)Tasavuf aur Shahanshhiat, Sufi conference, Pakistan Academy of Letters Lahore. 2010.

Few titles of my articles published in the Vista (The Post Lahore)2006- 2008

  1) Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi: A Fountain Of Emotions And Thoughts, July 25, 2006
2) Prose Poem In Urdu, August 29, 2006
3) Rumi-The Spiritual Guide, October 3, 2006.
4) The Urdu Marsiya, October 24, 2006.
5) Sabiha Saba's Poetry, October 31, 2006.
6) The Fire Gone With The Wind, November 7, 2006.
7) Arts In Search Of Insights, December 5, 2006.
8) A Picture Of Static Vision, December 19, 2006.
9) Literature In A State Of Flux, January 2007.
10) Lava Coming Out Of An Invisible Volcano, January 1, 2007.
11) The Secret Of The Reality Principle, January 13, 2007.
12) Manto And Social Perspective, January 16, 2007.
13) The Secret Of The Pleasure Principle, January 30, 2007.
14) Absurdity And The Creation Of Art, March 6, 2007.
15) Iftikhar Arif : A Visionary Poet, March 13, 2007.
16) Habib Jalib: A Poet Of The People, April 24, 2007.
17) Calvino's Creative Vision, April 11-28, 2008.
18) Brushing History Against The Grain, April 17, 2007.
19) Saeed Anjum's Short Stories, May 15, 2007.
20) Maxim Gorky Vs Fyodor Dostoyevsky, June 12, 2007.
21) On A Poetic Mission, July 17, 2007.
22) On Passivity In Poetry, July 24, 2007.
23) Franz Kafka Translated Into Urdu, August 14, 2007.
24) The Role Of Poetry, December 18-26, 2007.
25) Dr Mohammad Ajmal : A Lover Of Eternal Values, March 25-31, 2008.


Professor Dr. Saadat Saeed is widely known as a poet, critic, researcher and educationist. He has upheld modern Pakistani Cultural traditions in his literary and educational carrier. Saadat Saeed has published 24 books on critical and reflective appraisement of the basic norms of creative and philosophical writings. Besides his books he has more than 250 national and international research publications to his credit.

          Critics consider Saadat Saeed`s poetic collection Kajli Bun an important book of modern Urdu poetry. His books of criticism Jayhat Numayee, Fun aur Khaliq, Adab aur nafi e Adab encompass contemporary trends of Urdu fiction, poetry and contemporary literary theories

Associated with teaching and research for forty years, he has supervised research work at M.A., M. Phil. And Ph.D. level in Pakistan as well as Turkey. He is the only professor of Urdu language who was appointed as a Tenure Track Professor by the HEC. He was posted on the Pakistan Chair for Urdu and Pakistan Studies at Ankara University, Turkey for a period of five years. He has edited many journals and organized and presided over many national and international seminars and conferences. His sundry areas of interest include Life, Literature, Philosophy, Mysticism, Sociology, History, Civilization, Psychology and Religion. He has evaluated world literature in structuralism, post-Structuralism, feminist, neo-colonialist psyche, historicism, psycho-analytic, existentialist, logical positivistic, Marxist, modernist, post-modernist, deconstructive and linguistic perspectives. He has an equally strong grip on classical as well as modern literature. He enjoys sound command over six languages. In recognition of his academic and literary contributions several national and international awards have been conferred upon him.