New Poems - By Professor Dr. Saadat Saeed

bulletWhat I feel
bullet Seasons of Descent
bullet Viewer say his face in the mirror
bullet Alive Graves Converse With Frightened People
bullet The Chains of sadness
bullet Voiceless Dread
bullet During The night
bullet I am an ocean
bulletOur Guest
bulletScenery 1
bulletScenery 2
bullet He who didn't belong to us
bullet Hero Worship
bullet In The Rainy Season
bulletThe Exiled
bullet The Axis of Thought
bulletPale Facet
bulletShe Has to go
bulletTastes of night
bullet Camphorated Fortunes
bullet I Was Not an Idol Made of Stone
bullet The New Sun Belongs to Us
bullet The moment of illusion and nightmare
bullet The Dismantling Wall of a Museum
bullet Road Belongs to the Black Cuckoo
bulletSelf Defeat
bullet We are Awakened From Our Sleep
bulletHe Was My Friend
bullet Separation
bulletLike Qais
bulletWhoever Says
bulletPeople say that