Self Probing wave of conception - By Professor Dr. Saadat Saeed

 5- Self Probing wave of conception

  Self Probing wave of conception

  died away on the shore of appetite


  Sleeping beneath the sand of sorrow

  moving in a circle with

  the whirlpool of dreams gulping tears

  falling in drops, in the middle of the ocean

  Hidden inside the red stone of your own blood

  O unprotected insect!

  come out of the shelter of nostalgia

  the bright eyes of your lucky star

  are looking out of the tower of reunion

  The doors of graves are open

  The cherishers,

  dying with hunger

  putting on dirty veils

  seem proud of their kindness

  Translated By

  Prof.Gilani Kamran

  From Kajli Bun (Elephant Jungle)

  By Saadat Saeed, Pub. Sang-e-Meel,Lahore .