Senses Buried in a Coffin - By Professor Dr. Saadat Saeed

 4- Senses Buried in a Coffin

 As a companion of my breath

  he remains awake with me in all the pages of history

  Filling in the syringes of his dirty nails

  several savage scorpions

  he injects in the energies of my lungs

  the cancer

  that I may compromise with calamities

  and see reality as puppet show

  He teaches me such a protocol of living

  that wearing the chain of security

  I in its mirages

  ignoring the outstretched crisis

  dance in joy

  and live recklessly

  In the windy oceans overrunning doomed boats

  in the auction ceremonies of brothel houses

  in the desert of truth hard for unlucky <Majnoon>

  under the volcanic drives of the trees of desires

  in the broken mirrors on the round tables

  in the colourful evenings of < Sunder Bun>


  like stormy winds

  my fingers are opening the

  silk umbrellas of fire and blood

  In the deaf darkness of mausoleums

  in the mad air of slaughter houses

  among crowds

  burning like inferior tobacco in coffee houses

  In the stink of crushed heads

  on enslaved paths and encircled roads

  in the fright of red leeches

  decorated on the timeworn tables of deserted offices

  in the defeated hissing of

  black steel serpents tied with gun riggings

  spitting out green bombs

  Having strong whips of

  concentrated oppression in his hands

  retaining on his own eyelids

  the pride of swept out thoughts

  my protector remains awake

  Translated By

  Prof.Gilani Kamran

  From Kajli Bun (Elephant Jungle)

  By Saadat Saeed, Pub. Sang-e-Meel,Lahore .