The Night the Snow came down - By Professor Dr. Saadat Saeed

 6- The Night the Snow came down

  Marbles come down from sky in drops

  mirrors of life break to pieces

  All the spiritualists are frozen in their rags

  The fire of moonbeams in the stoves

  cannot dissolve snow flakes


  The death of snowed up panthers

  Away from their destinations herons collapse

  Caravans, ice in the fog all over

  Starless night times reflect in the pitch darkness

  Trees are chilled

  The ash of their branches has fallen on thresholds

  Birds turn into ice

  Bed rooms are refrigerated

  the cold blooded presence on the couches is frigid

  In the silence of death

  leaves and shadows and

  the sensual pupils of the eyes are glacial

  The lips of the lost sun are soundless

  Who knows about the fiery figures of aspirations

  Were they ever awakened?

  Had puppets their strings in their own hands

  Poem by Saadat Saeed

 Translated By

  Prof.Gilani Kamran