WHAT TO DO WITH PAST - By Professor Dr. Saadat Saeed



  The heart city is afflicted with loneliness!

  only I am awakening in it.

  The play about all the flashes of time is staged

  in the heart, the ruined world

  Memories of ancient times are precious like pearls

  cities had peace, domains Happiness

  Breaths were perfumed

  Souls excited

  Living on an earth disclosing gold

  pious people

  used to help each other.

  Memories of ancient times are bright and glistening

  They have no concern with present

  Although in several of our cities

  propagation of peacefulness and

  serenity is at its peak

  many naked and traumatic rocks are blocking our ways.

  Dozens of deep and burning furnaces are

  filled with green leaves from thick trees.

  We also have bright houses

  Their roofs are decorated with necklaces

  containing diamonds, emeralds and rubies

  Their owners are enemies of freshness.

  The restless black waves of loneliness

  have overtaken every thing

  I am alone,

  you are also alone

  alone is everyone!

  The utter silence resounds here!

  When from the opening windows of your house

  you ever look into the deserted lanes

  you only hear

  the noise of the sea of loneliness

  The heart city is afflicted with loneliness!

  Who is awake here


  all others

  or only myself

  Poem by Saadat Saeed

  Translated By

  Prof.Gilani Kamran

(Pprofessor emeritus Govt. College Lahore)