Poems by Charlotte Ratlye


Translated by Dr.Saadat Saeed

Published: The news International Lahore

January’ 25’ 1994



The sun tore my tried out limbs

in the dusty barren desert

and my crispy withered tongue was screaming

in its loveless draught.

The soundless, empty, whiteness

where only naked stalks grow

deep foot marks surrounded my heart

flattened by humiliations.

My life was an empty "Sahra"

I searched for love oasis.


countless mirages

was all I found staggering.

Than finally you came my beloved rain

and filled my soul with love support

My lips which earlier were dry and chapped

became happy, filled and moisturized and read.

Now I rest upon your rivers of love

and try convulsively to forget the draught.

Unsafe future is threatening me

because everything can be transformed into

desert again.

But I don't want to be rational

and stop the desire

because the rain so unstable, beautiful and sinful.

I will never do without.



Unilateral love

is an overgrown plant sprout

locked inside

a closed capsule.



Summer! the complaining winds longing for

Your relieving hot kisses.

Trees mourning for lost leaves

Flower seeds are missing your life giving light.

Stoats sigh and dream themselves back

and wish their white fur brown again.

The winter is tired and wants to rest.

Come and replace it Summer, light and worm.

Show us a glimpse of your awakening, come.

Give us new different variable days.

We go tamely around, missing.

Come summer and give us back life.



Life is too short

to avoid stimulants

They also shorten life!