Jayhat Numayee (Studies in Contemporary Short story) Published by Dastavez Matboaat Lahore. 1995


Fun Aur Khaliq (Studies in contemporary Poetry) Dastavez Matboaat Lahore.


Iqbal aik Saqafti Tnazur Dastavez Matboaat Lahore.1998


Kajli Bun (Poems) Published by Sang-e-Meel publication Lahore 1988.


Adab Aur Nafi-e-Adab Dastavez Matboaat Lahore.1999


Tehzib Jadidiat Aur Hum Published by Iqbal- Shariati Foundation Lahore 1990. (Translation)


Iqbal and The Sahiwal (Editor) Published by Iqbal Academy Lahore


Ibn - e - Arabi Ka Nazria - e - Wahdat ul Wajood (Editor) Published by Iqbal - Shariati Foundation Lahore



Chand Waqt Translation from Turkish poetry Maktba Al Farooq Wahdat Road Lahore 1998.


Ab Kia Kia Jana Chahiay (Translation of Pas Chah Baayad Kard a Persian poem by Iqbal Published by Iqbal- Shariati Foundation Lahore


Bansry Chup Hey Dastavez Matboat Urdu Bazar Lahore Lahore


Fanoon Asob Maktaba Alblag Urdu Bazar Lahore
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Books under Print.

(1) Western Philosophies a Critical Evaluation Victory Books Lahore.

(2) The Philosophical Terminology in Arabic and Persian (Translation) Idara - e - Saqafat - e - Islamia Lahore.

(3) Jamil-u-din AAli Ki Shairy, Dastavez Matboaat Lahore.

(4) New Poetry (Possibility and Reality) Dastavez Matboaat Lahore.

(5) N.M. Rashid (Life and Works) () Maktaba Nasim Lahore.

(6) Majeed Amjad and his age Maktaba Nasim Lahore.

(7) Hanif Nadavi Ki Ilmi aur Adabi Khidmat Maktaba Nasim Lahore.

(8) Philosophical Basis of Modern Times. Maktaba Nasim Lahore.

(9) Reflections (100 Articles Published in The Daily News Lahore.) Maktaba Nasim Lahore.

(10) Adabi Makalmay (Interviews of Famous literary personalities published in various literary magazines) Maktaba Nasim Lahore.

(11) Adbi Mazakray (discussions on significant literary topics published in daily Jang Lahore.) Maktaba Nasim Lahore.

(12) Prefaces and Introductions (Published in various literary books) Maktaba Nasim Lahore.

(13) Funon Ashob (Long Poem for the exploration of historical and intellectual perspective of music, painting, dance, poetry, calligraphy and architecture. Maktaba Nasim Lahore.

(14) Ilhan (Sound poetry) Maktaba Nasim Lahore. Maktaba Nasim Lahore.

(15) Shanakht (Prose poetry) Maktaba Nasim Lahore.

(16) Mun Haran (Love poetry) Maktaba Nasim Lahore.

(17) Barf kay Phool (Translation of poetry from Denmark) Maktaba Nasim Lahore.

(18) Jadid Farsi Shairy (Translation of modern Poems from Iran) Maktaba Nasim Lahore.

(19) Khema -e- Gurbat (Translation from international poetry) Maktaba Nasim Lahore.